Diplomacy in an Era of Uncertainty


 All around the world, countries seem to be on the brink of instability. The strength of international organizations will be tested in the upcoming couple of years, facing threats of military conflict, environmental collapse, and humanitarian crises. More than ever, countries will need to cooperate in an effective and plausible manner. Our generation has the potential to shape the international community as well— as future diplomats, journalists, or leaders. No matter the profession, diplomacy is an invaluable skill that will prove necessary for the survival of international peace and welfare.

There are four main tracks, each with a guest speaker: Media and Communications, Sustainability and Development, Security and Conflict, Cyber Technology and Espionage. To learn more about the speakers, click the button below.

Track 1: Media and Communications

In this track, you’ll examine the ways that journalists, investigators, and researchers present global issues. You’ll also critique and improve their work as you write your own brief account of incendiary events, learning the best and most effective ways to convey international news. One of Yale’s own award-winning news organizations will lead a case study and workshop covering their experiences with breaking news, and the day will end with you acting as reporters yourselves on the crises that break in the other three tracks.

Track 2: Sustainability and Development

In this track, you’ll research how to design and implement sustainable economic systems, focusing on reducing poverty, introducing environmentally-friendly institutions, and recovering after natural disasters. You’ll also learn about  global humanitarian organizations. One of Yale’s own professors will give a lecture on developing economies, followed by a Yale student-led case study on a specific instance of international development. In a crisis simulation, you’ll have the opportunity to combine these skills in a real-life, high-stakes situation.

Track 3: Security and Conflict

In this track, you’ll delve into how international states interact with each other during wartime and other high-pressure global situations. While you discover how nations enact security measures, you’ll also explore how they work together towards peace and reconciliation. An esteemed Yale professor specializing in military diplomacy will share their experience in this highly interesting field as you apply what you learn during a crisis simulation.

Track 4: Cyber Technology and Espionage

In this track, you’ll investigate how nations protect their own interests as they simultaneously strive to gain information or influence in other countries. You’ll analyze the strategies that different nations use to accomplish these ends and how they improve and utilize technology to their benefit. As you examine historical case studies, a Yale professor with extensive research in cyber espionage will share their knowledge and you will end the day with a simulation of cyber warfare in real time.