Meet the Secretariat


Linh Le

Co Secretary General

Serving as one of the two Secretaries-General for this year's iteration of IRSY, Linh is very excited to welcome all of you to Yale comes April. Originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, Linh is a first-year student in Branford College who aspires to double major in Chemical Engineering and Global Affairs. He has been involved with other constituent programs of YIRA such as SCSY, YMUN, and WSC, but can also be found directing dances with Yale Movement or coming up with outreach opportunities for Project Bright. While he is not juggling with emails, folders, and tabs, you can find him catching up on his sleep count, relearning Taekwondo, or watching some Studio Ghibli with his suitemates.

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Claudia meng

Co Secretary General

I'm Claudia, a first-year in Silliman from Shanghai, China (although by citizenship I'm American-French). I'm undecided in terms of my major, but am considering Global Affairs or Cognitive Science. Outside of planning for IRSY 2019, I perform with Yale's Step team and am a part of the Yale Debate Association. In my free time, you can find me reading, watching YouTube videos, or munching on take-out with friends!

Please feel free to reach out to either of the Secretaries-General at


Claire Calkins

Co Under Secretary General of Delegations

Claire Calkins is a first year in Pierson College, and is one of the Undersecretary Generals of Delegations for IRSY 2019. She is planning on double majoring in Statistics and Data Science and Global Affairs. At Yale, she is a member of the Triathlon Team and the Yale Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, Claire studies in the Music Library at Yale, or spends time talking with her friends. She is absolutely thrilled to be part of IRSY 2019, and she can’t wait to meet you all on campus.

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Ananya Kachru

Co Under Secretary General of Delegations

Ananya Kachru is a first-year student in Morse College at Yale, and is so excited to serve as the Co-Under Secretary General of Delegations for IRSY 2019! Originally from Woodbridge, Connecticut (yes! only a little more than five miles away from Yale!), Ananya is interested in the nexus between politics, women empowerment, and education. In addition to her involvement with IRSY, Ananya is involved with the Yale Debate Association, South Asian Society, and Yale Splash. She is currently an Effective Altruism Fellow for the Spring ’19 academic term, and loves to travel, dance, take photos around campus, browse through inspirational quotations, and chat about quite literally anything in her free time. Ananya is looking forward to meeting all of our incredible delegates very soon!

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Alayna Lee

Co Under Secretary General of Conference

Alayna Lee is a first year in Trumbull College and an Under Secretary General of Conference for IRSY. Originally from the Virginia / D.C area, she has previously served as an ASG of Crisis on the secretariat of YMUN and is involved with the Yale Review of International Studies. At Yale, she also acts as an Election Fellow for the Yale Democrats and writes for the Yale Daily News. When she’s not furiously catching up on readings at Book Trader Cafe, you can find her binging Tarantino movies, taking a nap, or dancing with her roommate to throwback music. She’s so excited to be a part of IRSY 2019!

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Anastasia Hufham

Co Under Secretary General of Conference

Anastasia is thrilled to be a co-Secretary of Conference for IRSY! A first-year in Saybrook College, she is interested in the social sciences and hopes to double major in Economics and History. Apart from IRSY, she is involved with the The Politic, a political magazine, and the Yale Leadership Initiative at Yale. When she’s not working with one of those organizations, Anastasia enjoys cheering for Alabama football, making her friends say “Roll Tide,” eating almond croissants from Blue State, and taking long walks on the beach. Anastasia is super excited for IRSY and knows that this conference will be the best one yet.

Feel free to contact her at


annie fang

Under Secretary General of Branding and Technology

Annie is a first-year in Jonathan Edwards college and the Under Secretary General of Branding and Technology for IRSY 2019. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, she moved to Shanghai, China, at the age of 4 and has since then spent much of her time traveling between the two cities. She plans on double majoring in Statistics and Data Science and Global Affairs. On campus, Annie is involved with Yale Model United Nations Taiwan, The Yale Globalist, Jonathan Edwards College Council, and the Taiwanese-American Society. When she’s not busy with school work, she enjoys drinking green smoothies, grocery shopping, and spending time with friends. Annie is so excited for IRSY and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Feel free to contact her at!


Joon lee

Under Secretary General of Business

Joon is a first-year in Branford College and this year's USG of Business for IRSY. He plans to pursue a double major in Mathematics and EP&E (Ethics, Politics, and Economics) in the hopes of one day working at the intersection of tech and policy. On campus, he is involved with other YIRA conferences as well as the Undergraduate Math Society, Urban Debate League, and the Quizbowl team. When not working on a pset or essay, he can typically be found indulging in his non-academic passions, such as napping. Joon is super excited to meet everyone at IRSY, and is sure that this conference will be the best yet.

For business or sponsorship related inquiries, please contact him at