Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Relations Symposium at Yale?

The International Relations Symposium at Yale (IRSY) is a full-day event designed to expose students to core subjects of international affairs. For more specific information, read about the conference or our Schedule.

What is IRSY's security policy during the symposium?

All of IRSY's programming, including lunch, before the closing speaker will take place in William L. Harkness Hall. Students will attend the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony in the Whitney Humanities Center and will be directed to and from William L. Harkness Hall. During the conference, advisors will be responsible for students who leave this area.

Is lunch provided?

Yes! We will be catering lunch from 11:30 AM until 12:30 PM. Students should indicate dietary restrictions in registration forms. Advisors should email with dietary restrictions.

Do individual delegates need advisors?

Yes. All delegates, whether individual or members of groups, require at least one advisor/chaperone. Advisors may be a faculty member, parent, or other adult.

What is the dress code?

Business casual dress is welcome at IRSY.

What is our standard for parking?

Please click this link for standard parking information.

I'm an advisor. What will I be doing during IRSY?

We will have multiple options for advisors. While you are free to sit in on any lectures that pique your interest, we will also have an advisor hospitality room! Or, you are free to explore Yale's campus and surrounding shops.

Why are there different tracks?

Each track gives the opportunity for students to delve into a specific topic of interest within international relations. Students will get to engage with experts on that particular topic--from non-governmental advocacy infrastructures to international laws preventing data breach--and participate in small discussion groups. Each of the tracks will involve different activities like writing legal memos, crisis negotiation, and product data development. Inasmuch as tracks will help students navigate through the vast selection of IRSY's lectures and seminars, students are free to elect a different activity than that of their preferred track.

Who will be speaking in this conference?

Our speakers are policy professionals, Yale professors, and Yale graduate and undergraduate students that all have expertise within the field of international relations. Amongst our speakers we have had Tony Banbury, who coordinated the UN response against Ebola and was in charge of UN field operations, Scott Shapiro, professor at Yale Law School and author of The Internationalists, as well as Ted Wittenstein, Executive Director of the Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy at Yale who has held numerous security positions, including at the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Department of State. See this link for more information as we update our list of speakers soon!

How is IRSY 2019 different from a Model UN conference?

The International Relations Symposium at Yale does not assume any prior knowledge of the United Nations or parliamentary procedure. We are aware that a many of you may not have previous experience with International Relations.  Additionally, most of the conference focuses on your personal interactions within the lecture and the seminar.

How does IRSY benefit me?

IRSY is a free conference that aims to enrich students and chaperones alike by providing knowledge about different International Relations through different regions of the world.